U9 Tier 1 (Competitive) Skills Competition Results

Thank you to every team that participated in today's Skills Competitions. We hope everyone had a great time and we are excited to see you all do it again tomorrow. 


Teams that qualify to play in the "Gold" skills competition are the teams that won their group's preliminary skills competition and a wildcard. The wildcard is determined by the team that had the most amount of points after the winners of the Groups. E.g. Group A Winner: Nepean Raiders White (73 points), Group B Winner: Ottawa Sting (64 points), Group C Winner: Eastern Ontario Coras (70 points), Wild Card Team: Gloucester Rangers Green (71 points). These teams advanced to the "Gold" skills competition. The remaining teams are ranked based on total points (5th - 10th)    

December 18, 2022 Skills Competition 

Below are the consolations, silver, and gold skills competition breakdowns for December 18, 2022:


Skills Competition - Consolation

Location: Bell Sensplex - Milk Up

Time: 8:15 AM

Teams: Cumberland Grads (53 points), Kingston Canadians (52 points), Gloucester Rangers Gold (47 points). 


Skills Competition - Silver

Location: Bell Sensplex - Milk Up

Time: 9:25 AM

Teams: Nepean Raiders Black (65 points), Loyalist Jets (61 points), Kanata Blazers (54 points)


Skills Competition - Gold

Location: Bell Sensplex - Milk Up 

Time: 10:30 AM

Teams: Nepean Raiders White (73 points), Eastern Ontario Cobras (70 points), Ottawa Sting (64 points), Gloucester Rangers Green (71 points). 


Thanks, and we are excited to see you tomorrow!


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